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At Baird and Wilson, we’re always keeping an eye toward the future. By leveraging the most advanced technologies, we have been able to accomplish things no other architectural metal manufacturing company can do.


By offering our customers waterjet services, we pass on the versatility of cutting virtually any material while providing accuracy and repeatability. We utilize software design tools and integrated CAD/CAM technology to optimize set up and run times for efficiency and cost savings.  We can design your parts from your own drawings or program parts from your dimensional data or physical sample.  From one-off to multiple part nesting, we can create parts unique to your business. There are no heat affected zones to cause thermal distortion or work hardening. We utilize a 6′ x 12′ cutting table to accommodate your big ideas. Lastly, we have many combined years of experience in waterjet machining and architectural sheet metal fabrication to satisfy your business needs.