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Aluminum Canopies

Architectural Aluminum Canopy Systems

We offer complete canopy kits, custom-made to your specifications!

Our suspended aluminum canopies are designed for style and functionality. Architectural canopies are a cost-effective solution to enhance the building entrance elevation, while also providing excellent protection from the elements; without the need for columns or foundations. Our heavy-duty aluminum canopies are available with hanger rod supports or internal cantilever supports.  Unlike most canopy manufacturers, that use unsightly, exposed fasteners for connection of canopy frame corners, we weld ALL gutter frame corners, resulting in a much stronger and much more aesthetically-pleasing product. Our frames are available in various sizes and with gutter frame extensions, which add more detail. We offer a variety of canopy pan/deck profiles with our most popular being the Flush Soffit Profile. All canopies are prefinished using an Architectural Grade powder coating.


In a similar vein to our canopies, we can design and fabricate custom aluminum sunshades for your business. They can be made in a variety of different sizes, styles, and colors to suit your specific needs and they can be suspended, mounted, or embedded wherever you need the shade.

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