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This is the letter that I have had on my mind to write since the day the new roof on the Burchfield House, Highland Presbyterian Church, was completed. As I have mentioned before, our members are proud of the results, and we continue to receive compliments from people in the community.

From your first meeting with our renovation committee, you demonstrated your experience and wisdom concerning the problems the church faced with an old slate roof. We sensed immediately that we had the right person and the right company for our project. You produced a helpful drawing of the roof and very quickly came up with options, explaining the pros and cons of each.

I found it a pleasure to work with Tom, Marty, and the other members of the crew. They worked steadily and efficiently throughout the job. I tried not to get in the way, but I was interested and curious, making frequent trips to watch the progress. I never once saw the men standing around in idle talking. Their very movements showed pride in what they were doing.

As a result of an administrative position I once held at Maryville College, I was involved in several construction projects including the extensive remodeling of three dormitories and working with architects in planning four others. At Highland I chaired the committees for building both the sanctuary and the roof we added later. In those projects I enjoyed working with the architects as well as with the construction crews.

I mention my experience only to make clear that I have some basis for comparison… In none of the others did I find the degree of competence and concern that you yourself showed nor the efficiency with which Tom and his crew performed their jobs. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to get to know you and the others.

If at any time I could provide a reference for you and the company, it would be a pleasure for me to do so.

Arthur S. Bushing

Chair, Renovation Committee, Highland Presbyterian Church

The Highland Presbyterian Church Session, on behalf of the congregation, wishes to thank you and your employees for the commendable way you carried out our historic Burchfield House Roof Renovation Project.

From beginning to end the work was carried out professionally and with consideration for the surroundings, the services in the church, the character of the building, the quality of material and workmanship, and cost involved. Even to disposing of the awful accumulation of “stuff” in the tower, and the advice for alleviating problems in the future.

Most of us hadn’t even realized there was that intricate pattern in the old slate roof, but your crew re-created it so beautifully. The design shows up clearly now. Your attention to detail in renovating historic buildings is evident, and we thank you. All your employees took pride in their craftsmanship. The teamwork between you and our Art Bushing made the project go smoothly.

We send you our gratitude for a job well done.

Jean H. Myers

Clerk of Session, Highland Presbyterian Church